Florian Pruning and Gardening Tools

Florian pruner

Florian tools are made in USA with high-quality materials and workmanship. Just try one and you'll be a life-time Florian fan like us! Florian tools will impress you with their ease-of-use and durability. Florian tools are what expert gardeners need and casual gardeners enjoy.

We love Florian pruning shears so much that we're offering them for sale with our unbelievably easy on-line ordering and delivery so quick it will blow your mind! We are proud to feature all the Florian tools that are currently available.

Florian Snip Florian Snips

For flower cutting, bonsai, deadheading and more. Precise cutting with ground stainless-steel blades. Non-slip grips and brass thumb lock for safety. Available in several eye-catching colors.

Florian Saw Florian Pruning Saws

A double row of alternating diamond-cut teeth cut on both pull and push stroke. Strong, easy-to-grip handles won't slip or break. Easy-to-clean tempered steel blades won't bend or break and slide easily through the cut.

Florian Pruner Florian Pruners

Florian invented the original patented Ratchet-Cut pruner. Anvil-type blade for clean cuts. The ratchet action increases your cut strength by 700%.

Florian Pole Pruner Florian Pole Pruners

Imagine a Florian Ratchet-Cut lopper with an eight to fourteen foot reach. Easily and quickly converts to a razor-tooth pole saw. Effortlessly cut branches up to twenty feet high. Collapses and disassembles quickly for transport. Florian pole pruners are best-in-class.

Florian Lopper Florian Loppers

Tough and strong, Florian loppers are for larger pruning jobs. The Ratchet-Cut allows strain-free cutting, each easy stroke building more force until branches cut with little effort.